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Roof Damage

Roof Damage Signs: Everything You Need to Know

A roof with missing tiles, one of the clearest roof damage signs

When your roof is damaged, it can expose your home to serious problems, from water damage to soaring energy bills. But what roof damage signs can you look for to see if it’s time for a roof repair or replacement? At CJ Roofing, we’ve worked as a premier Denver roofing company since 1978. That means…

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Denver Roof Storm Damage: Protecting Your Property

Dark gray storm clouds threatening to cause roof damage in Denver

With summer arriving, the Colorado storm season is now in full swing. That also means roof storm damage is likely for many residents in Denver and throughout the Front Range. How can you best protect your roof and the rest of your property from storms? Our team at CJ Roofing is experienced in inspections, repairs,…

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Littleton Roofing: Storm Restoration Tips

Storm damage to roofing in Littleton

When your roof is damaged in a severe storm, it’s hard to know where to start in order to get your roof repaired. There’s insurance claims to file, inspections to schedule, and decisions to make on whether to repair the damage or, in some cases, replace your roof. At CJ Roofing, we’ve helped many Littleton…

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Busy Season Is Here, Schedule Your Roofing Inspection Today

Roofer does hail damage inspection on metal roof

As you might expect, roofing isn’t a year-round endeavor. It can be difficult to work on roofing projects during the cold of winter, for instance. Milder temperatures are much more ideal, making fall a busy time of year. But for Colorado roofers there’s another factor to consider: hail. Hailstorms become increasingly common through the spring…

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Why You Should Have a Roof Inspection After Hail Damage

Each year Colorado’s storm season leaves a path of destruction in its wake. While some years are worse than others, strong winds and hail damage are simply par for the course on the Front Range. If you suspect that you are in need of a hail damage roof inspection, we encourage you to take note…

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Signs Your Rental Property Needs a New Roof

A house isn’t complete without a roof. Roofs give us privacy, shield us from the elements, and above all, provide us with shelter. It therefore only makes sense to keep it in great shape. As a rental property owner, there’s no quicker way to lose tenants than a leaking roof. It’s important you keep your…

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