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Residential Roofing

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

A tree with fall colors overhanging a home's roof

At CJ Roofing, we feel that proper roof maintenance is integral to making your roof last as long as possible. Throughout our roofing experience with homes in Boulder and across the Front Range, the homeowners with the sturdiest roofs have been the ones who schedule regular inspections and prompt repairs, among other important tasks. So…

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Roofing in Littleton: Codes & Requirements

Common Littleton roofer tools next to a wooden sculpture of a house

One of the interesting things about roofing is how the job can vary dramatically depending on where you are. Roofers in Colorado, for instance, have to worry about hail more than those in Florida, where hurricanes and constant rain are a much greater concern. Sometimes the city you’re in can even make a difference. Building…

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4 Questions to Ask When Comparing Boulder Roofing Companies

Shops in downtown Boulder, CO

Boulder homeowners have a variety of roofing companies to choose from. And while it’s always nice to have options, sometimes it can be difficult to pick the right contractor for your roof repair or replacement. At CJ Roofing, we’ve provided top-quality roofing services across the Front Range since 1978. Our decades of experience have given…

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5 Reasons We Love Denver Roofing

Picture of conversation hearts from top Denver roofing conpany

Since 1978, CJ Roofing has been serving the Denver community’s roofing needs, and in those 40+ years we’ve found a lot of things to love about Denver roofing. From the creativity to the unique challenges to the community we serve, there’s a whole list of reasons why our team at CJ Roofing loves what we…

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Common Winter Roofing Issues

roof with snow

While Colorado weather is rarely friendly to your roof, winter weather tends to be especially harsh. Winter storms on the Front Range pack a punch, bringing cold temperatures, snow and ice, and high winds—all of which can do serious damage your roof. At CJ Roofing, we stay busy throughout the winter, helping homeowners keep their…

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Ice Dams: Signs and Prevention

how to prevent ice dams

As temperatures drop and snow and ice begin to accumulate throughout the Front Range, ice dams become a real concern for property owners. Here at CJ Roofing we often hear from those interested in learning how to prevent ice dams this time of year. Why is this so important? To understand why ice dams are…

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5 Most Common Colorado Roofs

Picking a roof material can be a tricky task for any business or homeowner, but this is especially true when it comes to Colorado roofing. While you want your roof to look aesthetically pleasing, in Colorado it’s also important to consider the weather and elements that batter roofs in the area throughout all four seasons.…

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Arvada Roofing: Prepping your house for the winter

Arvada Roofing: Prepping your house for the winter

At CJ Roofing, helping property owners care for and maintain their roofing systems is an essential part of our job. We not only aim to install superior roofing systems, but we are committed to ensuring our customers get the most out of their roofing investment in the long term. As leading Arvada roofing pros, we…

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3 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency this Winter

Home in the winter

At CJ Roofing, helping our clients make upgrades to their properties that are not only beautiful, and durable, but also reduce energy waste, has always been an important component of what we do. We are pleased to report that today, more than ever before, we are hearing from eco-conscious consumers interested in reducing their carbon…

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Next Steps for Hail Damage Roof

If you’ve recently sustained hail damage to your roof, you’re not alone. This time of year, property owners throughout the Rockies are faced with wind and hail damage as summer storms frequent the region. From falling debris to broken windows and roof hail damage, property owners face a litany of threats in the way of…

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