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Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

At CJ Roofing, we feel that proper roof maintenance is integral to making your roof last as long as possible. Throughout our roofing experience with homes in Boulder and across the Front Range, the homeowners with the sturdiest roofs have been the ones who schedule regular inspections and prompt repairs, among other important tasks. So with fall just around the corner, what maintenance tasks should you be prioritizing? Let’s take a look!

Take care of your gutters

Perhaps the biggest fall roofing problem is the accumulation of debris, such as leaves and twigs, on your roof and throughout your gutters. The latter is especially problematic. If your gutters are full of leaves and other debris, water won’t properly flow away from your home. What’s more, if they stay clogged into the winter, it’s a recipe for major problems such as snow and ice building up on your roof.

That makes gutter maintenance a top priority for the fall. Clean your gutters regularly, especially as the last of the leaves begin to drop in late fall. You might also consider installing gutter guards. These tend to be very affordable and they do an excellent job of keeping leaves, sticks, and other debris out of your gutters. 

Trim back trees

As those leaves and sticks fall onto your roof and into your gutters, you’ll get a good look at the branches left on the trees near your house. Sometimes those larger branches are too close for comfort. As any Boulder roofing expert will tell you, fall is the ideal time to trim back dead or overhanging branches from your trees. That’s because when snow, ice, and wind storms arrive in winter, they’re liable to knock those branches down—right onto your roof. Trimming back branches is relatively easy, and keeping branches at bay is a good way to avoid unnecessary roof damage. 

Have your roof inspected before winter comes

When it comes to roofing in Boulder, Denver, or anywhere else along the Front Range, winter is the ultimate test. That means fall is your last chance to make sure your roof is in the best shape it can be before the harsh winter weather arrives. A fall roof inspection is a surefire way to identify any problems so that they can be addressed before winter. This includes any loose flashing or roof materials that might allow water to seep in and freeze, causing further damage. Many Boulder roofing companies will offer their inspection services for free or at discounted rates. Be sure to take advantage and schedule an inspection well before winter!

Make repairs promptly

If your pre-winter roof inspection reveals potential damage or problem areas, make sure to follow up promptly. Leaving even minor roof damage unaddressed before winter can lead to major problems down the line. That’s because high winds, snow, and ice will inevitably make minor cracks or leaks far worse. Spending a small amount now on minor roof repairs can save you a great deal compared to the cost of major repairs or a roof replacement, so don’t hesitate!

CJ Roofing Is Your Boulder Roofing Partner!

As fall arrives and homeowners everywhere start gearing up their homes for colder weather, make sure you have a Boulder roofing partner you can count on as the months wear on. CJ Roofing has provided premium roofing services in Boulder and throughout the Front Range since 1978. In those four decades, we’ve seen more than our fair share of harsh winters create major problems for neglected roofs. Don’t let yours be one of them! Follow our fall roof maintenance tips, and be sure to schedule your pre-winter roof inspection today.